Daylight 6-27

At least one prescription to pick up Breakfast with Dad Who did not beat me up about finding a job this time Thank goodness Interesting dreams Highly complex games Which carried over from one awakening to the next Cephalopod human hybrids Cat sits upon the notebook, as per usual The table which cannot be cleaned […]

Some challenges to overcome

A load of web technologies I’m not motivated enough to learn The cleaning of this disastrous house Making an internet dating profile Haven’t meditated in a month or more Haven’t exercised in a month or more Drinking beer before work (although my performance is actually better, I’m sure the managers can smell it) Catching up […]

Draft volume of love poetry and inner thoughts delivered to the crush, check Drinks, no check Working on my third volume or fourth, no check 2nd most importantly, cleaning, no check Of very little significance, shower, no check Cough syrup, no check 2nd most importantly, delivery to and chat with my neighbor, check Breakfast, check […]