Disasterland in Feedback Loops

Material Just added to savetheoxygen.org : From Now You See It: How to write about the natural world when it’s vanishing before your eyes. by Elizabeth Kolbert in The New Yorker, October 15th, 2018: He gives the perennial sea ice until 2030 or so. ‘That the Arctic Ocean will become free of sea ice in […]

The Perfection of the Paperclip

Bloodied unlike the rest Encumbered by drifting feelings of malaise and fatigue Starry jewels and diminished ends Pieces of flittering debris rain down atomic The blast over ocean settling on peaks of Mauna Kea Halogen species grow psychedelic fur No weather unchained loses us our most prized crops A battle, a revolt, a protest A […]

Poems and Oracle Reading

Postcards now available for purchase! At Zazzle! Help a brother out… Customizable! You have now missed the sale on The Driftwood of Our Lives Washed Up on Some Foreign Shore! Help me Protest! fossil fuel subsidies Battle lines drawn No art in the tubes A line in the sand A gender schism? A lot for me to handle […]


Fluid dimensions of apathy Lacking the proper drugs, I… Word to the wise.. Balance your neurotransmitters. Become educated. erowid.org. maps.org biopsychiatry.org? long time no see that one Feelings after the digression Method of distinguishing symbols from things Tiredness after sleep and behind on homework, But doing the best we can Not particularly abstract these few […]

That in itself is a triumph…

Orioles flit by In the spring dew Night untimed is questionable How long can the blue sky last? How long have we left on this Earth For all with eyes to see and ears to hear… Building the collected sites together Building the theorems and articles of not faith, but true belief Recall the coffee […]

The Method of Proxy Sea

Some thought to non-diminishment Some challenges for the Faeries Tools for reworking the world Rebuilding in a new image Some thought to privacy “The stealthiest forefinger is a proxy sea” -@tribalephemeral The method of wordpress The method of facebook The method of twitter The method of tumblr The method of minds contacting each other in […]

Up to 228th cards (A Question of Restraint)

_ A question of restraint Restricting the ask to a bit less Sending these cards everywhere Getting little response The questions are in the theory But mostly the questions are in the execution What can be known and unknown? What can be found when we find the time I never got around to checking the […]

Feathering my new pages Notebook of two three months still lost Yet press on Do not become more like others Become more of yourself Put something on the line, any little thing Heat set to 68 70 72 74 makes a big difference when millions of times over Roll like a smoker Windows down spring […]