Urgent Political Action Project!

[For full explanation, see my Patreon post] Alright. I still haven’t done a proper Patreon homepage pitch video, explaining how the site works and whatnot, and I haven’t really started reworking Psychic Fugue Studio’s homepage yet, so that will probably take all of tomorrow. But the project is getting off the ground. The 1000 postcards […]


Undone and undone and undone, The fear mongering right cry treason But anymore, No one listens to their senseless bleating Minor terrorism is enacted Law is enforced Progress to a society of equal opportunity is made Anarchists rise in pressing the government further, Not in overturning it Each year we press the accelerator harder Each […]

The Moss Catastrphe

A semblance of soil on the firmament Moss kicks off the first mass extinction Way back in the day Changing radically the mineral balance Changing radically the gas balance The carbon balance Although the seas had been full of algae And cyanobacteria Moss, the first land plants Tipped the balance Catastrophically In favor of moss […]

Re-arming, the coalition grew in force Sleeping off the point of the elocution he went into the gas showers head held high Night on the Danube, the demons gathered and fiddled up a storm Second fiddle to the destruction was the ever present hope Apocalypse. Apocalyptica. The memorabilia and trivia surrounding the apocalypse, as well […]

A saintly gesture leaves us guessing The timepieces all began to ring Our dust called to us to reduce The dream of the hurricane and floods washing away all our cities and ships Later, in speedboats, we tear through the water at 2000mph Down the last remaining strip of land, all paved over, in a […]