A note on the utility of gender-free pronouns in literature

Consider the phrase “the Raven of Stars begins xyr dance” which is what I was writing (for the Discordian Postcard Conspiracy) the first time I decided I required a multiple genderless possessive. In my case, I wanted to specify that despite being a ‘the’ the Raven of Stars was not-singular yet not-separated entities, and also that […]

DXM (Diminishment of Terms)

Also posting to erowid and facebook and twitter and tumbler and scriggler even after fifty trip limit. still mildly psychedelic with meditation 300 mg level 15-16 years of use withe technology work and text messaging I can assess the line breaks when i get back short pages still having coherent verbal thought forms in and […]

Compromise and Independence

Because I said so That’s why Threats You will not get the better of me . Labels of unquiet Stereotypes You have to leave all your stuff and your people outside Generic white powder Take the pills at least Short typewriter bursts Dependence Independence Staccato rhythms Antiaircraft guns . Interior universe undisturbed The driftwood of […]


Waiting, neurological flames And we dance around the rosy Pitch darkness, epics in mythic time Illegal state of mind From the outside, sad but charming From the inside, scaling many walls Wait for what comes up Drawing a blank Climbing, neurological flames Overcoming, still, I rise I rise with the dawn to a new world, […]

Dissociatives? Speed? LSD? Fascism? Alcohol? Breakdancing? *&

Plus we go shed our bodies we walk along sideways through Time The dissociative panopticon Drowning No swimming that night Else we go Left is dragon extreme The speeding through constellations Of thought Working our minds around Our condition Shed the bodies Walk into the minds Endless corridors of rooms Losing ourselves in introspection on […]

Under the waves Silly I thought the wavesThe last

Under the waves  Silly I thought the waves The last border under which None emerge But here in the deep prussion blue I stand immersed In the numinous trance of the ancients Flywheel panopticon on the surface world of cities All laid bare to my eye Solitary consciousness on the center Of fate’s luminous causal […]

Dose Curve

The insert of the experience Bears all the signal coordinates The sight lines Not something the uninitiated would recognize? Hard to say Low res, amateurish video technique Happens to fit perfectly To the gestalt Dreams & replacement Collapse of the wave Expanded field Of multivalence Cognition Stripped signifiers Floats free of words Dose curve drifts […]