Urgent Political Action Project!

[For full explanation, see my Patreon post] Alright. I still haven’t done a proper Patreon homepage pitch video, explaining how the site works and whatnot, and I haven’t really started reworking Psychic Fugue Studio’s homepage yet, so that will probably take all of tomorrow. But the project is getting off the ground. The 1000 postcards […]


Exit traumatic vigilance in the pocket demonization of innocents bring your arms violence and destruction last chance to save the cold dead rock rock on diminish and discover revolt and rejoice rediscover and be free visions of demons and multidimensional puzzles exit through the dream world visions and destruction visions and violence trauma and panic […]

Bioelectric Hologram Network

Large systems of complex rules coded top down poorly followed poorly conceived . No matter how careful complexity control eludes . Multitude of agent actors five-finger simple rules Replicant patterns emergent order the implicate polarities align via clustering feedback . Ripstop stitching one by one we piece it brick by grain chip by axon atom […]