Poet Facing Execution for Poetry

A poet in Saudi Arabia is facing execution for poems that the authorities consider ‘apostasy’ the ‘crime’ of leaving the faith and in this case allegedly ‘promoting atheism’. As most of my followers are poets, I imagine you’ll all want to sign. What if we reached half a million signatures instead of the target of […]

Planning and Execution

Job applications Send them off into the ether And never hear back Or get interviewed and rejected Time and time again Criminal record to back you up No way out of it this time Time to be certain and strong Time to remain on the uplink You must build and rebuild Build portfolios and expertise […]

A Leaf and a Little (Non-Linear Poem)

Collecting drops of destruction Dreaming of the stars Execution of the faithful Visibility is low But I see into the heart Piloting your vessel down the canal Spendthrift A time to head North Some dream and some die A leaf and a little, a little and a leaf The fallen go to their graves In […]

Conflict (semi-non-linear verse #1 12-21)

The queen kindly requests Your execution Eyeliner will be provided On fire and insane Sticks and stones We run in circles May break my bones In time to the beating Of the tambourine On the campaign stump The beasts stomp the Earth Making their presence known Quiet, Like a tornado Battle set-to, one-two-three Bring your […]