Needing Guidance

Working with the flow of words Seeking my faery guides Wondering if she is the Demonoid Demon in appearance only . Not in substance . Repeating series of We All the Small Ones Loving life with growing fervor Seeking the methods of repairing the Earth Seeking the methods of connecting and rising Flowing through the […]

The Other World is Here

Some theories click through the tombs Voluntarily relinquishing their values of truth for a time The faery tricksters become visible For a bright, then dark, night of the soul What is passed through is completed Unfailingly passing all tests And then on to the hospital For you have been awake for four days and nights […]

Wandering Verse

(edited text) Nightmare scenario Clamps hard the trail Name, rank, serial number, nothing else Remember that Ranting, I feel at peace now Unlimber the drones armada in the sky We pierce their control circuits psychically Inefficiencies of macrofinanancial flow models pile up Weeping with the kith kin The years of theorizing down, beaten Faery Folk […]