A note on the utility of gender-free pronouns in literature

Consider the phrase “the Raven of Stars begins xyr dance” which is what I was writing (for the Discordian Postcard Conspiracy) the first time I decided I required a multiple genderless possessive. In my case, I wanted to specify that despite being a ‘the’ the Raven of Stars was not-singular yet not-separated entities, and also that […]

She & Demonoid in His Native Habitat

Demonoid seemed always ready for anything. When she rang about the lice in the skidrow dimehaunts, he was just becoming altogether aligned in the brainwave vortex. Somewhere down the line, she looked back and considered this, for sure, a turning point. Meanwhile, the red apples were arrayed & counted out. The apple-mazes were part of […]

Letters of the Elder Queen Bee, #. !1a

Dear my lovely BitBucket Frycracker, my sweetest dear, I fear that I cannot accept  your most touching offer, Seven fragments of solace! It is only by bread we seed, & yet also only by Sardines we simmer sintered skeleton keys… Our heart goes out to all the inconvenienced among your proletariat hordes. Our dearest uncle, […]

Diving Into the Endless Fantasy

Silver mirrors reflect Itemization of currents A thousand gems on fire Screaming for light Burning in the ocean of your ecstacy Sinking into the unknowable Creating a new art Still the chaos Be broken to the onrushing of emotion Let it flow through Create a star, create a supernova Let your self become the phytoplankton, […]