Other than organelles, also cognitive phase-space ::

IMG::: http://sumthinblue.com/house-of-leaves/ Don’t close tabs and minify windows.. Copy all into a .txt – Trying to close without copy, Ever a spiral of distraction Let be let be let be let do See if, at the end, you have a ‘MUST READS!!!’ section? Or was it a lot of junk? MUST READS , polish the […]

On Work & On Practice & On Flow (+ status update)

Sleep deprived Coffee to go Getting beyond self To make it to appointments “I would say I was ready before, but there were, uh, unexpected things” “But my attitude has definitely shifted a lot since then…” To the bus, to the bus. Who needs to drive? Criminal record be damned, I can get a job […]

Wait and Let the Words Arise

Register your typewriters, carriage return, no character Engines running, I, split in two, diverge down forked paths Pistosn pound my corneal lens, heart beats, the exhiliration of risk Type the transgressive words, mouth tight, drawn, high Breath of intoxicating vapor, draw the lines out like glass threads Beading crystals hiving off like sweat, scattering on […]

flow vs loopage [intrusive processes]

simple text conveys relation thoughts compiling impressions momentary fleeting reflecting back dropping away easily and more easily or forcing endless looping change of context one way make it long and silent meditation brings calm faster hard as it may be to sit cut the stress, clear the plate open to new life simpler