United thoughts remove the blocks Brick by brick taking Down the walls that surround The heart of dust ignites Not one to be outdone the other relaxes his grip Seeing forward and making it real Extending gripping arms in every direction Seeing not the thoughts of shadow Killing all that stands in the way of […]

Wandering Verse

(edited text) Nightmare scenario Clamps hard the trail Name, rank, serial number, nothing else Remember that Ranting, I feel at peace now Unlimber the drones armada in the sky We pierce their control circuits psychically Inefficiencies of macrofinanancial flow models pile up Weeping with the kith kin The years of theorizing down, beaten Faery Folk […]

A Luck

The peeling test of friendship Of the winter wall Uncertainty Lifting up the hearts & dropping them Still under the dripping way The eaves holding back The sun’s love Under the ticking hands Of eternity ………………>>>>>>>>>>> posting some things I wrote a few weeks ago.  not reading first.  hopefully you like.  has been a hectic […]