Limitations, Circadian Rat-Screw

Slap the aces one by one Ticking over the superposition of 3 types Not by a shave, but by a timewave We wake and form a forthright thrust We sleep on dreamscapes restructured by corporate raiders (…°) Loss of isles of verse Ideas and words, infinite, ever-shifting \ Unlike Pokemon, Impossible to catch them all; […]


Raining in a better day Not doomed This will be a slide But still in somewhat convalescence 2 usable ideas have been identified Chaos is a tourist The levity of last night settles into slow peace Think not what for, but only ask ‘how?’ And then you enact No cutting without labels No dreaming without […]

Planning and Execution

Job applications Send them off into the ether And never hear back Or get interviewed and rejected Time and time again Criminal record to back you up No way out of it this time Time to be certain and strong Time to remain on the uplink You must build and rebuild Build portfolios and expertise […]