What is the puzzling N icon on my phone? Almost looking like it could stand for NSA? Why is there no information on it? The cockroaches attempt to be rebranded Stilling the heart for the moment Vigorously promoting your victories And whence the great sky god? To be is the question Never to be undone […]

Shards, Pieces, Sunlight, Mirrors

My mind grows legs and goes in search For a dream, a parchment, a piece of life Everything is shards, pieces, sunlight, mirrors In my world Everything goes to pieces The Jabberwock! Also a frequent character A weathered beast gobbles you up It’s noumenon swallows the world Red mice flitter about And the wings get […]

three poems

stackpile the wounded war insulated by tranquilizers they called us incontrovertible and pushed us lower into the dregs taking away away away more freedom trying to help until there was nothing left but it an instinct to freedom undermines the ability to escape the pincer …… plying the weather ways under the silent eyes stress […]