Calumny and Distrust

I ain’t lyin’, oh yeah Room for one more The closed minded world As he said Many young kids do not know how to have A face to face conversation However taking it out on you Is still ridiculous Glare malevolence at that evil person The spell was for justice Unfortunately it is not for […]

What is Sundered is Broken

Lies and distortions Do not a legal case make Electrocute Synthetic marines On the salt was the water Supersaturated Null to what can be taken Some candy for your trouble Odorific silence In the blessings of your name You are hexed Ever to decline In the desert of the ways You cannot be underestimated The […]

Singled Out For Nothing

Figuring the scales brightly Trimming the leaves of the crown Sticking up for a stranger Being true to yourself The passwords all being lost Needling the present for demons Wandering through the mist and fog Seeking answers on the page Coming to no safe conclusions Dribbling from insanity Lifting the calculus up Being together for […]

Free Discourse (1st attempt)

There is no free discours in the land All is constrained by politeness By uncivil politics By need to keep secret By insecurity By the media hexes By the hierarchies By the need for money There is no free discourse in the land   Freedom of speech on paper No free discourse in the land […]