From my Facebook

Fantasies and intentions do not necessarily overlap Not the same thing and do not be concerned Twinkling eyes full of mischief showed us the way, and while the lithe dryads gather mischievous thoughts to their pocketses and thighs, not all of them were of the weather of lust In your heart, remember these things: . […]


Exit traumatic vigilance in the pocket demonization of innocents bring your arms violence and destruction last chance to save the cold dead rock rock on diminish and discover revolt and rejoice rediscover and be free visions of demons and multidimensional puzzles exit through the dream world visions and destruction visions and violence trauma and panic […]

Of the Deceit

Each and every which way The demolition of the Trinity test Was something unheard of on the planet Now, We sit in waiting For someone to press the button Each and every which way Becoming loud for our masters to hear “Yes, massa, you just do whatever you think you need to” Smile and agree […]

Socializing Prohibited

Hello all, assholes Trying to make a connection And being slapped down, with force Disconnected versions Collusions of evil Some divination to see Not on your best day Wonder if they’re gossiping about me today Dirty dirt under your nails Employment to be found Gathering up to your sorrow Leave this place in future days […]

Dismantling the Constructs

Building on the progress of generations Stealing away all that can be Sending the young off to war Being in the silence and the empty spaces of time Seeing what cannot be done In it, you are free and fair In it, you are without hope Outside it, all is different Without it, things would […]