Hop to Hop

Cross bus switchups Pity the fool who doesn’t know Google Maps’ Magic Any point to any point, any time now or then Takes longer, but brings a stop to jangling of continuous-on-life at home or office or car When the pawn… Radio off, notate cards Da /:/:/ [transmission interrupted by bus arrival] – Interesting links […]

From my Facebook

Fantasies and intentions do not necessarily overlap Not the same thing and do not be concerned Twinkling eyes full of mischief showed us the way, and while the lithe dryads gather mischievous thoughts to their pocketses and thighs, not all of them were of the weather of lust In your heart, remember these things: . […]

Dreaming of Demonoid Picotant

Join me in protest! The first of every month! http://bit.ly/23Njetz Sidewalk Chalk and Revolution! ————— DREAMING OF DEMONOID PICOTANT Demonoid picotent is sleeping with the devil Demonoid of the last outer outpost Excuse that interlude in the sleep of the all, the trialogues of damnation, and fuck you sir. Of all the smiles and then […]

Magic 1-5 and the Odd Verse

Baths, Baths, Baths Said the spirit reader Your spirit is unclean Because you invite Too many kinds of things in And the querent noted In the post, days later ———————– Okapulliceo The ridges of the toothed comb Run through your hair Combing out old experiences Cut your hair off And they will trouble you less […]


Imagine there was an ancient war. Imagine it was 10 million years ago. Imagine we won that war (larger pirate ships than the adversaries’ were employed) Imagine our allies concealed us (they had to turn us back into monkeys) We had skills they didn’t, they had science we didn’t We had conspiracy theories and ruthlessness […]