Mishmash (Updates, Links, & Tweets)

Finally made an about page for my index site Psychic Fugue Studio. Gave it a v0.01 which eased the pressure to make it super-definitive. ::: …”and chipping away at prep work for a sort of divination/creativity/game tool product idea”… As mentioned before, I started a Message of the Day feature there, too. It is being archived, as well. […]


Fluid dimensions of apathy Lacking the proper drugs, I… Word to the wise.. Balance your neurotransmitters. Become educated. erowid.org. maps.org biopsychiatry.org? long time no see that one Feelings after the digression Method of distinguishing symbols from things Tiredness after sleep and behind on homework, But doing the best we can Not particularly abstract these few […]

Progress Update followed by Sympathy for Loneliness

(Skip intro and ramble if you just want the poem) A cool post from Scriggler (@iScriggle). I had a very strange and interesting and intriguing dream about the I just remembered now, not going to go into it though. A lot of things but it involved their computer systems and meshings or invasions between them […]

Ziggomatic Keys ( * & Synaptic Syntactic and Really Fantastic & * )

Huntsville poet and novelist Ian McLeod says of the first draft: “They’re both good, but the Jabberwocky section in the Ziggomatic Keys book was some fantastic verse–you touched on (or perhaps impaled and nuked from orbit?) a number of important subjects and problems without coming off as too didactic, which is not an easy thing […]


The music of the mice was always going to put you a little off kilter But each day the storm passed, and with each passing of the storm, the giant red spot went further off The music of the mice was of the eerieness of the sunlight on the day before you meet your doom […]

Tyranny of Perfectionism

Finding the paper of an injured one on your desk You say gaps in employment: lazy No facebook profile: psychopath Involuntary termination: untouchable Banned for life By Human Resources orthodoxy You then fume about The laziness Of the unemployed Give intrusive personality tests To see it to it that those who are wobbly Are shoved […]