You drift, and before you know it, a decade Aging creeps up on you Ever unfairly But getting things done Feeling the burn Tired, tired Tired of waste Unable to stop Rubberizing your liver Strengths are manifold Weaknesses are crushing The magic medicine doesn’t work Filtering through the vibes Soldiering to your own beat Coming […]


Waiting, neurological flames And we dance around the rosy Pitch darkness, epics in mythic time Illegal state of mind From the outside, sad but charming From the inside, scaling many walls Wait for what comes up Drawing a blank Climbing, neurological flames Overcoming, still, I rise I rise with the dawn to a new world, […]

Listen to the Patient

/>.?./?#!@// Listen to the patient He knows his body much better than you, doctor And in the case of this one He also knows pharmacology, & psychiatry & addiction/withdrawal medicine better In his defense he was not a psychiatrist But apparently there is no such thing As an urgent care (doc-in-the-box) for psychiatry I sense […]


Just in case we prescribe lion’s mane to all nerve damage patients Results are good so far Some junky told us A patient Alky actually In his flush days And expert/connosieur of recreational drugs And beta glucan extractive of shroom For essentially all cancers We may also have learned a couple of more minor tricks […]