Meditation with Intention & Writing

Set focus of intention before meditation. Write those down to avoid fuzzy vague mindedness. Select a card or random passage for advice Write seven lines on your advice theme, fear not tangents! Set timer for meditation Proceed. Making out breath counts longer than in breath releases relaxation forces, practice this Or square breathing, in x, […]

Meditation 7-29

Twittering in the evening the birds– Unwritten untrammeled and filled with space Going deep into the place of lies– The meditative vision of many paddles on the one hand All things I resist Rotating in front and very near my face The dummy bust controller And on the other hand, Rotating the four or five […]

flow vs loopage [intrusive processes]

simple text conveys relation thoughts compiling impressions momentary fleeting reflecting back dropping away easily and more easily or forcing endless looping change of context one way make it long and silent meditation brings calm faster hard as it may be to sit cut the stress, clear the plate open to new life simpler

Another Day, Not Dead Yet

Note: this was supposed to publish 5 days ago Brain scrambling Physical discomfort Weird feelings Not exactly hungover Only two glasses wine yesterday anyway Near sleepless Plus more Beer helped But only slightly Coffee & food kicked it higher Shower & nap probably Should have grabbed some pills at studio Work, soonish Already one pm […]