Organizing Principles

Cut Out, Throw Away, Reduce, Simplify, Reuse, Keep Clean All along the angels watch us, ever silently All along we take our tea with Demonoid, the Faeries, Lao Tzu Master of Ceremonies wants no part of your foolhardiness In each Time Replace symbols With acts > But note: Questions unspoken can plague you But those […]


The lush and verdant sea of her eyes Remain mysterious In repose, I remain still, counting breaths The walls dividing us no more substantial than the bits of the screen Filtering perceptions we weather the depths of our disappointments Our passions gone to rot and depravity Lie still, vaporizing the last words of the others […]


We toil more for our booze Than our passions fashions (freudian slip) Under the burning suns Waiting or not for the eventual reckoning of a just universe But many know in the bone that it is not just In spite of the truth of the non-local spirit The univ Reality is adaptive, but not just And […]