Limitations, Circadian Rat-Screw

Slap the aces one by one Ticking over the superposition of 3 types Not by a shave, but by a timewave We wake and form a forthright thrust We sleep on dreamscapes restructured by corporate raiders (…°) Loss of isles of verse Ideas and words, infinite, ever-shifting \ Unlike Pokemon, Impossible to catch them all; […]

Hypnotic Cludge Sequence

mesmerizes people, unclean, perilous journey washed in the tears of aeons comely ladies saunter up; series & sequence permutations & combinations wrinkle, sully, cease & desist plethoras of plenary sessions pulsing populists pounding podiums & a rolling moss gathers no rocks summon the goats of Jobs legions tremulous terrible tiaras our piazza sits on the […]