Poet Facing Execution for Poetry

A poet in Saudi Arabia is facing execution for poems that the authorities consider ‘apostasy’ the ‘crime’ of leaving the faith and in this case allegedly ‘promoting atheism’. As most of my followers are poets, I imagine you’ll all want to sign. What if we reached half a million signatures instead of the target of […]

Seeking Exposure

Beating on the door of success Contests submitted but not yet won Knowing however that I tried A progress toward perfection Open mics with regularity Spilling the truth into other minds No acceptances no publications 50 top literary magazines to submit to Shoot for three a day Ship on demand to get books at the […]

When the myth begins to take hold

When the myth begins to take hold Life holds further promises And the bartenders steal your poems for souvenirs . Mysteriously dropped in the highlands how did this happen? . Home away wildcard counter strikes jaws will not fall to these torpedos he will continuously reincarnate like aeon flux but different . the god(desse)s call […]