Improvisation 5.17.2017 – SoundCloud & Book of Stone and Sand, Zen Koans, Dailypedia app 5.17

Listen to Improvisation 5.17.2017 by conspiritech #np on #SoundCloud [the book of stone and sand is a book of 13th and early 19th century Koans which was posted on until it was taken down after 11/8 and is available other places] Zen Story: “A Zen Teacher saw five of his students return from the […]

The Jiggens

Collateral Bestrode The line. But thinking Of artisanal Junk drawers, We must confabulate The errors Into narrative. Seeing The catmas Recombine, We will it To try out Polymorphism. With no Aerobes present The stack Reshuffles. Yet the Spirit Everready Takes place Inside Loss of threads. Do not Discard The bones.. Dream transgalactic; Worry not, But […]

Sleep Quality

Piling on sleep deficit – Slipping further and further from goal oriented routines Ring ring at 630 Notice of approximate ride time Exhaustion no fun, though last night sort of was Reflitter & refizzle; reboot & begin again See that the pattern does not continue This gets better,  Perhaps tomorrow, perhaps even as soon as […]

On Work & On Practice & On Flow (+ status update)

Sleep deprived Coffee to go Getting beyond self To make it to appointments “I would say I was ready before, but there were, uh, unexpected things” “But my attitude has definitely shifted a lot since then…” To the bus, to the bus. Who needs to drive? Criminal record be damned, I can get a job […]

To-Do Lists & Organization & Wholeness

In to-do lists, make time loosely blocked, yet if there is a fixed set that has shortly worked, do not neglect to consider it. Do not overload list if you can, this is a downfall of disappointment Leave room below for day notes. These will help you refine your approach and know strengths and weakness. […]

Puzzle Tree & Puzzle Factory -Panopticon

just found that you can use { – } in youtube searches. so searching for “puzzle tree” brings up [almost] entirely stuff about monkey puzzle trees, while searching for “puzzle tree -monkey” brings up other stuff, nada about monkey puzzles, including this, which is chill and ominous: Beyond the Puzzle Trees -Paul Grimwood Breaking free […]

The Perfection of the Paperclip

Bloodied unlike the rest Encumbered by drifting feelings of malaise and fatigue Starry jewels and diminished ends Pieces of flittering debris rain down atomic The blast over ocean settling on peaks of Mauna Kea Halogen species grow psychedelic fur No weather unchained loses us our most prized crops A battle, a revolt, a protest A […]