Psychoschemata Vector Seeding

Fast launch Better than meticulous perfection Stop trying to do all pieces at once Assemble & tweak, subvert & rebubble Set all in one way together, set all those against aside Let not it be said that nothing was tried… – My own unique strategies & tactics Resembling nothing so much as the symbols of […]

Other than organelles, also cognitive phase-space ::

IMG::: Don’t close tabs and minify windows.. Copy all into a .txt – Trying to close without copy, Ever a spiral of distraction Let be let be let be let do See if, at the end, you have a ‘MUST READS!!!’ section? Or was it a lot of junk? MUST READS , polish the […]

Tremendous differences,

Heroes are figuring into this Scriggle all the things!! Site traffic surging Several methods, including postcards No donors, though… Serious enterprise Having fun ; much work I have other things I ought to do; Like homework See all the sites!! Get Soundcloud upload done Sign Up! mailing list… No site yet Send mail to […]