Those memories countless of innumerable days-idle Lost in distractive circling-screw, app to app or magazine to book to brew Net dependence unweathered, seeking of The Magic Bullet for one’s ills and failings Goalposts forever shifting, as projects multiply, mutate, fall aside, recycle Interpolation of self-help pointers and cure-all systems, all seeking ever, something to tie […]


Raining in a better day Not doomed This will be a slide But still in somewhat convalescence 2 usable ideas have been identified Chaos is a tourist The levity of last night settles into slow peace Think not what for, but only ask ‘how?’ And then you enact No cutting without labels No dreaming without […]


Shredding A texture of loss permeates all idle moments Filling them with all the wrong things Cheering the idea of making a break Knowing its impossibility Seeing a line of hope But not ready to embark osn89emrt6 fny0q3mny Ready But not ready Wavering Impossible to get the necessary work done here Or is it? Overcoming […]