Flipping out on the barnstorm tour,  The guides of political tourism (how dull!)  Arrange the flowers in manic fits, Sleep in 5 minute stretches Lost from their anchors to the Earth Stopped in their tracks by the site of Crocs Fearful small children are opposing spies Or worse, alien infiltrators Conspiracy theory at its worst […]

Urgent Political Action Project!

[For full explanation, see my Patreon post] Alright. I still haven’t done a proper Patreon homepage pitch video, explaining how the site works and whatnot, and I haven’t really started reworking Psychic Fugue Studio’s homepage yet, so that will probably take all of tomorrow. But the project is getting off the ground. The 1000 postcards […]

Psyops Static Distortion Decoherence

Factionalism Simple & Pie Team Edward v. Team Jacob Other such trivial matter Baseline level of irritation Kept high by media Evolving computers Misbehaving ones Stress-hormone inducing ads Keep ’em distracted Deluge ’em w/ causes for insecurity Stupid TV shows emphasize how embarrassing everything is Silence Stupid etiquette Silly rules & manipulations & sanctions . […]