3 poems w/ writing advice. 4/23, 4/29

Imagining warlords Cut through by chaos That was a fucking intelligent move Try once for the battle Try twice for the people Try eighteen times for love Speak in tune with quiet Speak for the broken Beltway Watch for loud hailers Watch for patchwork quilts Watch the time for rage Watch the time for questions Watch what’s […]

version b {all night memetic freestyling riff}

< < seem to have lost some pieces and the html is all fucked up and I know there were a couple bits I was still wording out, and there was more formatting to do. But the fit of inspiration has ended. Oh well. We shall have to settle for imperfect > > — <{Meta}: […]


So. We have to redo this all over again. Fuck. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Excretion. Ingestion. Metabolism. Alkaloids. Alcohols. Aminos. Ethers. Ketones. Sugars. High. Low. Smashed. Wired. Hurtin’. Trippin’. Twisted. Blowed. Lit. Smokin’, Shootin’, Drinkin’, Snorting, Poppin Pills Livers, Brains, Hearts, Lungs, Skin, Occasionally Kidneys. Mystical, Dreamy, Hedonic, Verbal, Repetitive, Healing. Nervous, Panicked, Enlightened, Compulsive, Depressed, Manic~ Persecuted, […]

Psyops Static Distortion Decoherence

Factionalism Simple & Pie Team Edward v. Team Jacob Other such trivial matter Baseline level of irritation Kept high by media Evolving computers Misbehaving ones Stress-hormone inducing ads Keep ’em distracted Deluge ’em w/ causes for insecurity Stupid TV shows emphasize how embarrassing everything is Silence Stupid etiquette Silly rules & manipulations & sanctions . […]