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Shock tango Weather the storm Snap & crackle the drop caps Shade & shine the Chasm polyvalent Neuroscience News* compels you Abrupt keepsakes of ‘without warranty’ & ‘no guarantees’ Cortextual rhythms of Loopdemous flow #aptTiming ~ [ [ decryption threads topology: “to each xyr own,” ++ “it takes all kinds” ] ] ~ ~ ~ […]


The poetic sounding translation of this press release inspired me perhaps: http://thecoevas.wordpress.com/2011/12/28/thecoevasio-interactive-version-new/ ∫§∞.:/\:..:/\:../\:..:/\:..:/\:.∞§∫ Have a nice watching We specify a specific browsing and emotional course absolute innovation in its genre in whom puts at its helm with a simple click work’s humanization and identification the telematic work with its own life and identity able to lead […]