The Perfection of the Paperclip

Bloodied unlike the rest Encumbered by drifting feelings of malaise and fatigue Starry jewels and diminished ends Pieces of flittering debris rain down atomic The blast over ocean settling on peaks of Mauna Kea Halogen species grow psychedelic fur No weather unchained loses us our most prized crops A battle, a revolt, a protest A […]

Finding a Space, Clearing a Place

Filtering out the ways and means Tuning yourself to the ever present amber existence Being clear on what you want Seeming to ever be clear headed Dreaming of ways to build your houses Finding the space for yourself somewhere Bringing along the animals Severing connections to the systems of corporations Severing connections to the systems […]


+D non serviam niceties + development privilege of self no starvation class uncertain until time knows [high] water rises rises high in the time the time of the revolts the cycle of surveillance the time when all freedom rises as one the time I issue no challenge not out of class but because of solitude […]