Ghost Dance

Ringing in your ears The horrors of the day come out of the non-local sound machine Dripping with fervor you become arid in your assertions The hoarding of the sweat is a detriment to your honor Dignity falls apart, but I remain integral Seeing all the dimensions of the situation, the minister restrains his dogs […]

Scoring (Non-Linear Poem)

Sleeping through the dust You are the type primate to them Collect and destroy Dream memories Collect and destroy Singling out the dissenters Singling out the consenters Stumbling out to the horizon Some thoughts to work out Work out injury Furry teacups Amateur hour Slipping out of the frame of reference You wish to be […]

Composite Keys, the Reshaping

Composite keys to the reshaping This point in phase space hides between The council and revolution On a point of mass hysteria may I expound The propaganda organism may build on truths as well as lies Or on nonsense to spark inspiration The application of random and directed action May bring about some gradual change […]