A Slop to the Hogs (Non-Linear Poem)

Exhausted and sleepy Sleeping on the nuclear switch Overeducated patrician sons Confusing the way the labels are blacked out Obliteration of the keys A slop to the hogs On the farm of terrors Pigeon pie and crow A jitter and a flitter going by in spades A slide into sweltering terror The madonna exits consensus […]

Collection 1-19-2015

A collection of poems loosely based on the structure of “Little Room” by the White Stripes Also 2 that are practically plagiarism at the end in a way, going off the words instead of the structure. A link to the song white stripes “little room” You need to kind of hear hear the chanting rhythm […]

Vocal Chord

Crikey! The Djembe – Strikes a sudden chord Chordatum Chordata Core Data Cord Silent to the sanctuary slip Ring the roses rightly but rue it The day that darker you turn dour De-lightful, lit up like lscivious longing Ringing the bells, wrongly and wretched Climbing coolly higher, clone your charisma Capture the flag, cut the […]