Sleep Quality

Piling on sleep deficit – Slipping further and further from goal oriented routines Ring ring at 630 Notice of approximate ride time Exhaustion no fun, though last night sort of was Reflitter & refizzle; reboot & begin again See that the pattern does not continue This gets better,  Perhaps tomorrow, perhaps even as soon as […] mornings. awake since 1:30 a tremor in the night a long way to fall we shall see what shakes out #micropoetry #mornings a sleep that lasts for days my longest at 15 hours all because of something… symbolism of dreams a chaos piece longing for change #poetry Visions become nothing Speed requires sleep Swarms […]

Chainsaw Articulation of Feathered Storms

Off the cuff medium length surrealistic or something verse of a mix of different classes of words, and find in it what you will, I have not read it yet. The elemental basin of quistarkten waiting with glee for us to require boasts of fear The closing of the loopholes; the waking of the giants […]


Sitting in Wendy’s killing time before treatment group I suddenly realize they are playing classical music at clearly audible volume And have been the whole time This glades my heart And slightly soothes my brain Though my nerves are still frayed from work, traffic, and Maxwell House A good choice by a corporation Injecting calm […]