Truth Doesn’t Make a Noise

Halfway to the sound and fury Starting from first past the post We stick our fingers in our ears and say “La, La, La, I can’t hear you!” The end is nigh, or the trend is pell-mell, helter skelter When the tubes begin to eat your brains, note how they are televisions that watch back, […]

The Unreality of Truth

Our mental apparatus is extremely handy, but not entirely logical and factual. Picasso himself, in a test, once authenticated an El Mir forgery of him, and also declared his own piece a forgery. Our memories slide along, a tiny bead of coordinates at the join of sliding short mid and long term layers, which themselves […]

Joyful Earthworms

Diminishment of ties to the mainland Loss of connexions with the planets surface Forming independent households and cabals Here in the winding, turning, ether Lost to their ships like the Bermuda Triangle Becoming obscenely joyful with freedom Twisting apart from one another like sparrows flying in formation Twisting together like a mass of earthworms in […]