Little Bird Rabbit Hole

Bottomless pit My ability to unbalance Twitter good for engagement, yet – Alarming drop-tops circle-swarm the block Aloof crustaceans bloom without second glance Alacrity chases & twizzles Too many things are broken without cause – Check marks are unstable Nothing remains completed – yet. [hm. the other apartment’s cat was bound to come in eventually, since […]

Mishmash (Updates, Links, & Tweets)

Finally made an about page for my index site Psychic Fugue Studio. Gave it a v0.01 which eased the pressure to make it super-definitive. ::: …”and chipping away at prep work for a sort of divination/creativity/game tool product idea”… As mentioned before, I started a Message of the Day feature there, too. It is being archived, as well. […] mornings. awake since 1:30 a tremor in the night a long way to fall we shall see what shakes out #micropoetry #mornings a sleep that lasts for days my longest at 15 hours all because of something… symbolism of dreams a chaos piece longing for change #poetry Visions become nothing Speed requires sleep Swarms […]

Tremendous differences,

Heroes are figuring into this Scriggle all the things!! Site traffic surging Several methods, including postcards No donors, though… Serious enterprise Having fun ; much work I have other things I ought to do; Like homework See all the sites!! Get Soundcloud upload done Sign Up! mailing list… No site yet Send mail to […]

The Method of Proxy Sea

Some thought to non-diminishment Some challenges for the Faeries Tools for reworking the world Rebuilding in a new image Some thought to privacy “The stealthiest forefinger is a proxy sea” -@tribalephemeral The method of wordpress The method of facebook The method of twitter The method of tumblr The method of minds contacting each other in […]

Unused Potential

From dream interpretation: To see a blank check in your dream symbolizes your unused potential. It may also indicate unclaimed rewards. How about several blank checkbooks in the mail from my bank? Ha Ha! I must be awesome! ———- Many people might be interested in Dream Telepathy: Scientific Studies in the Paranormal BTW check it […]

Morning 1-13-2015

Itching for a cigarette Tweets so far, perhaps five, Radio plays on NPR Sports hour unfortunately Or no, just part of the news Cards progress good, None yet today Coffee with: Rhodium roses, eleuthero ginseng, cocoa powder, no ground black seed Mountain rose herbs New book out, poems: Ziggomatic Keys (*&  Synaptic Syntactic and Really […]

DXM (Diminishment of Terms)

Also posting to erowid and facebook and twitter and tumbler and scriggler even after fifty trip limit. still mildly psychedelic with meditation 300 mg level 15-16 years of use withe technology work and text messaging I can assess the line breaks when i get back short pages still having coherent verbal thought forms in and […]

Questions, Your Thoughts?

Pondering some things, the oracle suggests that I reach out for help to friends…. I would love to discuss your answers if you would like to share thoughts on the questions below or any other thoughts. 1. How can I reach a wider audience? This question has multiple parts. —- So far I have sold […]