The Jiggens

Collateral Bestrode The line. But thinking Of artisanal Junk drawers, We must confabulate The errors Into narrative. Seeing The catmas Recombine, We will it To try out Polymorphism. With no Aerobes present The stack Reshuffles. Yet the Spirit Everready Takes place Inside Loss of threads. Do not Discard The bones.. Dream transgalactic; Worry not, But […]

On Work & On Practice & On Flow (+ status update)

Sleep deprived Coffee to go Getting beyond self To make it to appointments “I would say I was ready before, but there were, uh, unexpected things” “But my attitude has definitely shifted a lot since then…” To the bus, to the bus. Who needs to drive? Criminal record be damned, I can get a job […]

Meditation with Intention & Writing

Set focus of intention before meditation. Write those down to avoid fuzzy vague mindedness. Select a card or random passage for advice Write seven lines on your advice theme, fear not tangents! Set timer for meditation Proceed. Making out breath counts longer than in breath releases relaxation forces, practice this Or square breathing, in x, […]


Raining in a better day Not doomed This will be a slide But still in somewhat convalescence 2 usable ideas have been identified Chaos is a tourist The levity of last night settles into slow peace Think not what for, but only ask ‘how?’ And then you enact No cutting without labels No dreaming without […]

Poems and Oracle Reading

Postcards now available for purchase! At Zazzle! Help a brother out… Customizable! You have now missed the sale on The Driftwood of Our Lives Washed Up on Some Foreign Shore! Help me Protest! fossil fuel subsidies Battle lines drawn No art in the tubes A line in the sand A gender schism? A lot for me to handle […]

Morning 1-13-2015

Itching for a cigarette Tweets so far, perhaps five, Radio plays on NPR Sports hour unfortunately Or no, just part of the news Cards progress good, None yet today Coffee with: Rhodium roses, eleuthero ginseng, cocoa powder, no ground black seed Mountain rose herbs New book out, poems: Ziggomatic Keys (*&  Synaptic Syntactic and Really […]

Some Stable People, Some Unwelcome Fantasies

Dripping on the sidelines He wept silently All the people went on about their business Unwatchful of their brothers The distraction of the incredible TV All mentioning things about the weather Singularly absent of demagogues The individualistic nature of the focus Hot burgers! Hot burgers! Servers on duty tonight Slipping into the sex of the […]

That Psycho

Too many sodas Break it up break it down Starting to taste better Done raw Stumbling over the chills Rumbling through the weather Talking to the sidewalls Cranking up a hit Deleting all the mails Slipping into a coma Three volumes of nonsense Drinking down the poison Scribbling off the tunes Falling through the cracks […]